Much Ado About Nothing Literary Analysis

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In Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare develops characters that are continually making judgments, or act on the things they have seen or heard about. Then often disguise themselves in one way or another, by playing games or trickery to each other either for good or for evil purposes. Benedict and Beatrice relationship was based on mutual love and deception. In the beginning of the play it was obvious that they both knew each other a while back, but it appeared that they begin attacking each other with their witty comments at every opportunity they got. This evidence could either describe the hate that they have for each other or that they are secretly in love. When Benedict calls Beatrice a “rate parrot teacher,” Beatrice responds, “A bird of my tongue is better than a beast of yours” (1.1 .114)…show more content…
Even though their insults are biting, they maintain to remain clever in the words that they say to each other. This illustrates a strong bond between each other. Later on in this play both Benedict and Beatrice are tricked into believing that the other loves them by their friends Leonato, prince, Hero, Claudio, and Ursula. As soon as they hear this they start to admit their love for one another. But in reality it can be argued that both of them are not actually in love, but just simply tricked by the help of their friends. But what even more interesting is that at the end of the play it showed that Beatrice and Benedict were in love this whole time by just simply by just hearing them express their love to each
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