Glenavon Juupa Valley History

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GlenAvon is a small community nestled in the central portion of the Jurupa Valley. The beautiful Jurupa Valley has been settled for hundreds of years. The origins of the area's earliest settlements can be traced back to the Native American tribes who were the first to make the valley their home. The Gabrielino Tribe and the Serrano Tribe were the first inhabitants in the area that was to one day become GlenAvon. The first non-native settlers came to the area as early as the 1700's when Spain laid claim to California. Early on, in the life of the new territory the Spanish set up a series of missions in the area that was then known as Alta California. No missions were built in the area that would later become GlenAvon, however, the area did…show more content…
In the early 1800's Mexico took over California from the Spanish. Shortly thereafter, Mexico desecularized the missions and began giving away vast portions of land in the form of land grants. The Mexican land grants were called ranchos. Today, many of the valley's locations are named after the grants of their early owners. Senor Don Juan Bandini was one of the first settlers to make the area known as Rancho Jurupa his home. The introduction of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 led swarms of developers, speculators and colonists to the sunny state of California. Judge John Wesley North was one such arrival. The Judge, a staunch abolitionist from Tennessee, brought with him a group of associates and co-investors, and founded Riverside on a part of the Rancho Jurupa. Just a few years later, a navel orange was planted with such success that a full-scale operation began. Soon, thanks to the naval orange, Riverside had grown to become the wealthiest city in the country. During the late 1800's, the small Ranches and settlements in the Jurupa Valley became overshadowed by the expanding City of Riverside. Eventually, the GlenAvon area, like much of the valley, was annexed as a part of Riverside. GlenAvon was officially established as a subdivision of West Riverside in 1909 by the Riverside Development

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