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It is sometimes said that true love occurs at first sight, however in the case of the relationship between the characters of Claudio and Hero in William Shakespeare’s comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, this cliche is questionable. This play involves young couples falling in love and getting together, or attempting to, and ending with the joyous couples getting married. Although this seems to be a typical love story ending however, not all sets of couples seem to be in a truly happy relationship in this play. Shakespeare depicts these two sets of companions as people searching for true love even though they may not find it. Looking at this comedy, the reader can argue that in Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, true love is claimed to be…show more content…
In Much Ado About Nothing, true love is represented as a relationship that is established on much more than physical appearance or materialistic goods, such as money. Also, true love is defined as being in a relationship where both companions are dedicated to the other, in spite of any misfortunes or troubles that they may go through. It seems evident that for a sincerely romantic relationship to be achieved, the couple needs to have a firm understanding of each other. They need to have past experiences with each other that brings them closer romantically. However, in the play, Claudio and Hero have no past confrontations, while Benedick and Beatrice do have a former history with each…show more content…
Beatrice refuses to accept the fact that she is truly attracted to Benedick. However, she asks several questions about him and seems generally concerned in his well-being, showing that she has a secret love for Benedick at heart even though she does not let it be known. Unlike Claudio and Hero, Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship is based on true love rather than physical appearance or materialistic goods. Benedick and Beatrice have a true understanding of each other, whereas Claudio and Hero hardly know each other, thus Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship stems from a more true love rather than an artificial love for each

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