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Introduction Malala Yousafzai is a nineteen year old activist for women's rights and education. She had confronted the Taliban in Mingora, Pakistan, she was shot in the head and miraculously survive. She was born on July 12 1997, her first languages are Pashto and Urdu, she lives in the Swat Valley region in Khyber,, Pakistan. Some people who look up to her always say that her bravery made her a target. When she knew that the Taliban shut down all of the schools for girls. She gave a speech, nobody told her to do so, but she had always wanted to females being treated equally. “So here I stand, one girl among many. I speak not for myself, but so those without a voice can be heard. Those who had fought for their rights. Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity. Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated.”…show more content…
Khushal age of forteen and Atal nine years old. Malala’s father Ziaudden took one look at Malala’s face and named her Malala. Ziaudden was not only a teacher, but he was the owner of several schools that Malala had attended to. During the first years of her childhood life, her family was poor and had financial problems. Her father was the person who encouraged her to public speaking. Since young at the age of four, Malala started to love reading books. When she grows up she once said that she wanted to become a teacher, doctor or a politician. She wanted learn and was a bright student. At the age of eleven, she started public speaking about children’s education. Ziaudden always taught her more and encouraged her that she can be anything that she wants or dream

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