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The sacrificial life of Mother Teresa is one to never be forgotten in this world. Her years of life have affected so many people that grew into liking her. Not only does she contribute to one subject such as peace, she is brought up in many stories. She is a supporter of what is right and sacrifices things in her life personally for others. Mother Teresa is not her only name, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is the name she was baptized as. Born on August 27, 1910, in Skopje, although no one is sure one hundred percent that is her birthday. It is said she is born on the 26th yet baptized on the 27th and many just assume that the 27th is the right date. She was born into a Catholic Christian family to parents Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. Both of her…show more content…
The way she was taught always reflected on her actions. If ever she acts, she always thinks if it's the best solution and goes back to religion as her first knowledge. Knowing Christ is always with her, she makes her choices. She loved information and teaching that she spread it around even more for people to learn and get the education that they need. Opening a school, Mother Teresa has spread education. There are many who could not afford schools and this school was what they needed. They accessed information and learned what they needed like other students. They were thankful to Mother Teresa who has probably sacrificed a lot to open the school. Surely she has many values, beliefs, and ideas and she clearly works the best she could so she would be following the words of Jesus. Giving off different vibes is the feeling given by Mother Teresa. A sense of security and care is given when she was around or even when she is talked about. There will be someone in the future as courageous as her but she will always be a significant figure who helped everyone even if she did not meet them. She might have helped others through her words and quotes which spread around easily through people and technology. Even now, she still helps with her quotes that give

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