Moneyball Essay

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The movie “Moneyball” strategizes many different ways to become a successful Major League Baseball team. One thing that was practiced in the movie was using statistics to create a winning team. This approach is very similar to what government does in its different agencies. One agency in government that uses statistics is the International Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS uses statistics to decide which tax returns may be audited. The IRS does not have enough money to audit every single tax return so therefore they lose money every year due to people getting away with false tax returns. In the movie “Moneyball” the Oakland Athletics struggle to find talented players to replace large roles in their roster. The largest problem they face is money. The General Manager of the Athletics, Billy Beane, combined the stats of a group of players to make up for one of the key players that they lost on their roster. Beane signed players who are either the most underrated players in Major League Baseball, retired players, or minor leaguers. Beane…show more content…
The IRS tends to audit persons who make larger incomes because the IRS will get more money out of the richer taxpayers. In the year of 2009, taxpayers who make $1 - $24,999, 41.5% of the returns were filed and only 0.90% of the tax returns were audited. Taxpayers who make $10,000,000 or more only 0.01% of the returns were filed and 9.77% of the returns were audited. Also in 2012, people that made an income of $200,000 or more had an audit rate of 3.70% which is about one in every 27 tax returns. For the people who make $200,000 or less a year, less than 1% gets audited (as of 2012). That shows how much more the IRS pays attention to the larger incomes compared to smaller incomes. You are far more likely to get audited if you make a large income. Chances are that you will not get audited due to short staff and resources in the
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