Essay On Empowerment Of Women In Bhutan

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Gone are the days when women were treated as inferior being compared to male in the society. Now in this modern world, women are given equal opportunity and rights to take part in decision making and contribute in family’s wellbeing. Women empowerment is the act to bring social changes in the society by changing the perception of people. To stop domestic violence against women, the government took initiatives like starting programs like RENEW and NCWC. Women suffers from many physical abuses and are put into prostitution area so Bhutanese government accepts the voice of women in such cases which in some ways empowers women. 2. Introduction In olden days women were confined within the walls of the house and their main work was to look after their in laws, husband and their children. The role of women were very stereotypical in nature but with due course of time everything change like there were rise of feminist writer. Empowering women has become a sensitive issue all over the world including Bhutan.…show more content…
Finding and discussion 5.1 The status of women in Bhutan 5.1(a) Education We can see increase in girls enrolled in primary school from 1991 to 2010 (Refer appendix 2, table 1). This shows that parents prefer girls and can see rise of girls’ population. The earlier practices where women are confined for domestic chores and boys for education are changing and we can see in the survey result where 99.4% of women were enrolled in school. This rise can be due to awareness programmes in the form of advertisement, campaign and through media. 5.1 (b) Employment status According to The Labor Force Survey of 2011, 72% of males and 67% are employed but the problem is the quality of job they are getting compare to male who has higher post in jobs. (Refer Appendix 2, figure 2). “Women are working in low paying agricultural jobs” (World Bank, 2013). Though the female employment rate is increasing but it then it is still less in than the males. 5.1(c) Participation in

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