Essay On Okonkwo's Pride In Things Fall Apart

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Often times, to build a substantial skyscraper, there needs to be a solid foundation. The building needs to be able to withstand all forces that are against it whether it be caused by man or a natural disaster. Just the way a building can fall to pieces, a society can do the same. Chinua Achebe wrote a novel based on the African Igbo tribe, and how with the lack of foundation and self discipline lead to the tribes deterioration. Okonkwo the protagonist, was very highly respected among the people of the Igbo tribe, but his prideful ways were not only the root of his strengths, but the source of his weakness. Because he fed off the defiance of not being like his father and lacked the skills to adapt to the pacification of the white missionaries, he led a very self…show more content…
Because of this, Okonkwo was a very negatively dominant figure in the tribe. He felt as though he had to keep up this standard of masculinity to not be seen as an agbala, or a man without a title; contributing to his great fear of failure. “Perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo was not a cruel man. But his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and weakness.” (13) Okonkwo’s pride and manifest fears of failure and losing his manhood, take on the form of anger portraying him as barbaric amongst the people of the tribe. Okonkwo wasn’t necessarily a cruel man at heart, but was overpowered by his strong fears, changing him into a man who seemed to be soulless and unwelcoming. Okonkwo's pride was one of his greatest flaws. He believed with such pride he could conquer any circumstance, that being, if he could share the blame with others. Okonkwo’s fear of failure and pride tied in together when his father, Unoka, shared with him, "A proud heart can survive general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride. It is more

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