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MLK Essay Introduction: Martin Luther King Jr. was the definition of a leader. His followers bought into his process and stood by his side. When life wasn’t going his way, he seemed to become stronger and continued to fight for what he felt was right. Since he was a very well known leader, there were people who disagreed with him and attempted to take him down. When you have a courageous leader with loyal followers though, you become stronger than all of those haters. Martin Luther King Jr. does a great job of exemplifying the five practices of exemplary student leadership. Model the Way: To model the way, it takes credibility and strong personality. Martin Luther King Jr. was known for the big crowd he led. He had to always be good on…show more content…
shared his vision with the people so that they could come together in a common vision. Him along with all African Americans shared a vision of freedom and equality. Through the text he continues to mention “we” instead of “I” showing that they are all in the fight together. He inspired them to take a stand, even with him sitting in jail. Challenge the Process: Martin Luther King Jr. was not afraid to venture out and challenge the process. He specifically says in his letter, “I must confess that I am not afraid of the word tension” (page 4). He fought and told others to stand up for what they feel is right and never feel satisfied with the outcome. There was always room for growth in Martin Luther King Jr.’s eyes. Leaders need to be able to adapt to change and that is what he did in his daily life. It allowed others to challenge the process as well. Enable Others to Act: As strong as Martin Luther King Jr. was, he couldn’t do it alone. He didn’t speak of his followers as lower than him. He knew how important they were and so he spoke to them with high respect. They had the courage to act because of Martin Luther King Jr.’s great leadership. He allowed them to have a voice and it gave them a feeling of comfort because their ideas were shared. Martin Luther King Jr. also enabled his followers to act in a nonviolent
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