Personal Narrative: Guilty For The Death Of Arthur

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I arrived at the house on October 13, 1982 at 1:15 AM. I found Arthur laying on his back, at the end of the stairs. There was also a glass in his left hand. The robe that Arthur was wearing was still neat and nothing on the wall, by the stairs was disturbed. I believe that Queenie is guilty of killing her husband, Arthur. (claim) Queenie sped away to the club in her Mustang after she and Arthur had got in a fight. This could be the reason why she killed him. Also, there was a glass in Arthur's left hand, but the staircase railing was to his left. If Arthur was drunk he would most likely have the glass in his right hand so that he could hold the railing with his left hand. After Queenie got back from the club she had arrived 10 minutes before

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