The Mother Of Grendel ': An Excerpt From Beowulf'

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The Mother of Grendel I watched them peering into the river. They were careful not to come to close, in fear of being attacked by the water demons, or worse, being pulled into my home. Everyone feared my river. Even the animals of the forest would rather be eaten by another animal rather than going into the river to escape them. That’s how I like it thoug. I want to be feared. I waited at the bottom of the river, watching the men, waiting for one of them to be brave enough to try to jump in. I knew only one man would be willing to try this dangerous feat, and he was the only man I knew could succeed. He was the only man I wanted to succeed. This man, Beowulf they call him, was the one who killed my beloved son. My only son. I wanted…show more content…
As the sword hit me, I could feel and hear my flesh tear. At this moment, I knew I was gonna die. I could feel my last breath sneaking up from my lungs. I tried to repress it. I didn’t want to die, not now. I wasn’t ready for deaths piercing sting, but I knew I couldn’t avoid it. It wasn’t all bad though. I knew that I would soon be with my son. Maybe it is better that I am dying now. The sooner I die, the sooner I can be with my beloved son. I don’t know why I’m still trying to hold on to my life, but for some reason I still keep that last breath repressed. I can’t seem to let it slip out. I have to though. It’s my time. I need to go. I should be with my son. No. I need to be with my son! I have to fight these instincts of survival. I need to let go of this last breath. I took one last look at my sons lifeless body. I knew now that my time really had come. I have to join my son. With one last glance at Beowulf’s smug face, and my son’s sad, lifeless body. I finally let go of my one last breath. Suddenly it was dark. I felt as if I was slowly drifting away from Earth. It was almost as if I was flying. Then suddenly I saw him. I was finally reunited with my son, and everything felt right and at peace. I guess death isn’t all that bad after all. I may no longer be able to get revenge myself, but some day karma will get

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