Seat Belts Should Be Worn Essay

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Seatbelts save lives. For this purpose, they are placed in every car to be worn to do exactly that. But yet, people still decide to not wear them. Not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal because they prevent serious injury and death, while they also reduce the amount of money spent on healthcare each year and increase worker productivity. Seat belts are designed to prevent serious injury and death. People think that they are safe to drive around the city near their home, so they decide to not wear a seatbelt. But they are wrong. Studies have proven that the most accidents occur at speeds less than 60 km/h within 40 km of home. In another study, they found that wearing a seatbelt prevents injury and death by 50%. When a car crashes, the…show more content…
Some people think that because they have airbags they don’t need to wear seatbelts, but that’s not true. The seatbelts and airbags inside cars are meant to work together to keep the drivers and passengers safe. The presence of airbags do not make seat belts unnecessary. Another reason why not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal, is because it reduces the amount of money spent on healthcare each year and increases worker productivity. Each year it costs the government around $500 million-$600 million to pay the health costs of car accident injuries yearly. The government did a study and found out that if everyone were to wear seatbelts, as well as follow other laws, they would save roughly over $180 million. That could mean a reduction in taxes, so more money in your pocket. Also, when a worker is hospitalized or dies because of an accident, it causes many problems for the company whom they work for. First of all it causes a loss in productivity because of the use a less experienced or specialized worker, or from time taken from another employee to fill in or train replacements. The loss of

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