Philosophy Of Religion: Thetestant Work Ethic And The Enlightment Movement

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Society has its ways of helping their citizens and that its through religion. Religion in our society can be controversial due to everybody having their own beliefs. When people are in need most people turn to the church and ask God for what they want. Also, when people are in trouble one of the things they do is pray and ask God to fix it. But not everybody does this. There are lots of people that do not believe in god. In regard to people’s needs the philosophy of religion, the protestant work ethic and the enlightenment movement made an impact in society. To begin with, philosophy of religion is the study of the meaning, nature and the existence of god. It also includes concepts and beliefs. It has been limited to various groups such as theistic religions. Mainly because they do not believe there is a god in this world and…show more content…
It was also based on the concept of predestination which states that no person can be saved before he or she accepts Jesus Christ as his or her savior and that performing good deeds in life is the only way to secure a spot in heaven. This philosophy mainly emphasized that hard work is a result of a person salvation in the protestant faith. I appeared that the Protestants attitudes were changing towards the poor when immigrants were entering America. This was bad for them because they didn't want the poor to keep increasing (Trattner, 1974). They had to work hard in order to go to a good place and the increase of poor was going to make impossible for them. In the other hand, the philosophy of the enlightenment was an intellectual movement because the people in the enlightenment believed the almightiness of human knowledge was a useful power to control nature. The people in the enlightenment also blamed poor people for being the condition that they were. They thought that the misery was the only reason because the explanation of “God” was no longer satisfying their

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