Argumentative Essay On Science And Science

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If we look around us, we see that every person, even if he/she shares the same belief, sect, and holy book(s) has a different perspective or opinion towards religion. On the other hand, concerning science, we see that the majority understands and perceives science in, somehow, the same way. “Religion and Science” is always a topic that many try to avoid because they tend to fall in a circular loop unable to explain both together or to blend them. I chose this topic because I believe that this specific topic is sometimes misunderstood or misinterpreted. I frequently hear my friends saying that science and religion are contradictory; even though these people are not well aware of what great scientists, philosophers, religious people and much…show more content…
He first starts up by asking if there is a contradiction between both science and religion. Then, he asks if religion is somehow old-fashioned by referring to science. These sorts of questions are usually interrogated by most of us; in which we try to convince ourselves by a certain answer that does not seem to be backed by evidence. To Einstein, he answers by declaring that these questions, for centuries, create a disagreement and hostile combat. Yet, he believes that the answer to both questions can no doubt be negative. In addition, he claims that what renders the solution complex is the fact that most people agree on what is meant by the term science while they are likely to disagree on the term religion. Einstein continues by defining the term science, to be a "methodical thinking directed toward finding regulative connections between our sensual experiences." To him, science is what produces information which can lead to action and goal setting. While he refers to religion to deal with goal, evaluations, human’s attitude towards nature, ideal, and social life that includes interactions with human relationship. Einstein believes that religion is subjected to parenting depending on the culture and also the explanation of certain topics by referring to certain myths or epics. According to this scientist, sometimes he believes that these certain traditions are subjected to contradict with
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