Horrific Actions In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Throughout life, one’s actions influence other’s actions in a number of ways. Some horrific actions brainwashed people into thinking that doing that is good for the community. Other actions inspire people to change the world, one step at a time. One piece of literature that explores the influence of actions is Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. In The Metamorphosis, a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, turned into a human-size bug, rendering him useless to his family. When Gregor died, his metamorphosis transformed his family in various ways. Gregor’s metamorphosis turned his family from being lazy and weak to strong and self-sufficient. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor was dehumanized to the point that there was no point to continue living. Gregor’s…show more content…
Before Gregor’s transformation, the family was very lazy, with the parents having no job. Gregor’s father complains of his size while Gregor’s mother suffers from asthma. When they realized that Gregor is now a bug, they are forced to become self-sufficient. Without Gregor’s support, they have to find other ways to make money. Gregor’s father, mother, and sister took jobs while renting rooms to strangers. Eventually, they became so independent that the family can live without Gregor being alive. They also had enough money to live a comfortable life. Kafka wrote, “They discusses their prospects for the time to come, and it seemed on closer examination that these weren’t bad a tall, for all three positions […] were exceedingly advantageous and especially promising for the future” (Kafka 1192). Gregor was the main cause of the family becoming self-sufficient. Without Gregor becoming an insect, none of this would have happened. His father shaped up and became a bank teller, his mother a sewer, and Grete a store clerk. In a way, Gregor was the spark for his family becoming independent and

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