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World War I Primary-Source Document and Diary Assignment Jeanie Kim-10L CHC2D1-09 Part B – Primary-Source Document Analysis 1. What do you know about the creation of this document? a. What is the title of the photograph? The title of the photograph that I’d chosen is “Anti-Conscription Parade at Victoria Square”. b. When was the photograph taken? The photo was taken on May 17th, 1917 in Victoria Square. c. Who created the photograph? The creator of “Anti-Conscription Parade at Victoria Square” is unknown, however the photograph is owned by McCord Museum in Montreal. d. What is the historical context? In this photograph, the historical context is that a parade of people disagree with the law that was trying to be passed, conscription, in order to force most young, able-bodied men to go to war. 2. I think that the target audience for this photograph is aimed more towards people with strong…show more content…
I couldn’t afford to leave my family here, vulnerable, while there was a war going on. Canada and Germany are at war in Europe, and I am deathly afraid of the outcome. Will we win? I cannot partake in such foolishness; I have a family to support! I’ve got a beautiful wife and two equally as beautiful children. I’m their father figure, here to protect and provide for them, not to leave them for a war. That’s reason enough to not enlist in the war…right? A block away, I am already able to see a thick crowd forming, shouting angrily, and holding signs above their heads in protest of conscription. Upon arriving at Victoria Square, I am sucked into the crowd, and soon begin to awkwardly join in the screaming and shouting as well. I don’t understand why we have to join the war as men. We are already doing our part here on the home front, rationing food, purchasing victory bonds, and paying taxes. Are we not doing enough for the war effort in

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