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Age – Age is another example of discrimination. Age is simply how old you are. An example of a person who could be discriminated against could be that of an old person. An example of discrimination of an elderly person in a health and social care setting is if they was in a care home, and they wanted to have a rest, the nurse or whoever was looking after them wouldn’t let them have a rest due to it being early, however most elderly people need a rest during the day due to them getting tired more frequently than that of a person younger. This is breaching some of the human right acts, and could be seen as discrimination. However this should be addressed by the equality act of 2010. An example of an asylum seeker receiving discrimination due to age could be that of a young Muslim girl attending a school however she speaks little English, and can’t speak much of the language of her own country due to having mal education, could be discriminated by, by her teacher due to there being a huge language barrier. She could be slyly left feeling marginalised due to not being able to speak fluent English due to her age. Types of discriminatory practices…show more content…
(Human rights act 1998) which was set there for protection. Infringing someone’s rights can happen in so many ways, and in a health and social care setting. For example this could happen in a doctor’s surgery. The person seeing the doctor whom in a Muslim man could get off topic and start addressing his beliefs and religions, this could lead to the doctor being racist to him, which could be seen as infringing the Muslim man’s freedom of thought, belief and his religion which is part of the human rights act. This is infringing his rights, and could be seen as a serious matter in the eyes of the court. Infringing someone’s rights is the first type of discriminatory

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