Campbell Soup Industry Analysis Paper

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Introduction This paper is going to talk about the soup industry, its strategic management, external analysis, and internal analysis. Soup industry is always a food service industry, which provide customer a fast, delicious food. There have a lot of companies provide this fast and delicious food to customers. But Campbell Company focused on the customer needs, they noticed that customers are not only pursuing the fast and delicious food, but also need the healthy food, so Campbell Company state their goal to provide healthy soup to their customers. Although there has extremely competition in the industry, Campbell Company uses their healthy soup to open the China, Russian market in order to extend their market segment.…show more content…
Financial resources. The net earnings of Campbell Soup Company in 2012 are less than the net earnings in 2011. The reason for the decreased net earnings is the decline in gross margin offset by a lower effective tax rate. 2. Physical sources. We can refer physical resource as the sauce to make the soup. The sauces declined during the year 2012, so affect the U.S soup industry. This is the physical and material element affects the Campbell Soup Company. It is also because the harvest of element to make the sauce, such as the trees, vegetables, and fruit is decreased, so the price of the sauce is higher than that in previous year, so it is the physical effect. 3. Technology sources. Technology is very important in today’s industry. Labor cost in industry is not high now, but the need for technology is increased. The competition among the companies is intense; so the company has to purchase the new equipment, high-skilled machine and hire high-skilled employees. In order to make competitive advantage and be a unique company in the soup industry, Campbell Soup Company have to require the high-skilled employees and technology…show more content…
The company should let employees watch what the headquarters do and let employees make suggestions to the company’s management. Employees are the important factor in the internal system of company, listen to the employees can help company be a better company and benefit from the market and internal factor. Listen to employees can also help company not to make some management mistakes that could decrease the net revenue and loss the royal customers. The managers of the Campbell Soup Company should do some researches to make some adjust to their products, they can do the survey to their customers to ask them that their feel about the product and the experiences of the soup tasting. The respond from customers is so important to the Campbell Soup Company that helps it make good adjust to the products it produces. The announcement the new CEO said should based on the response from customers, not only just a decision the managers made, the decision about the product should related to the experiences, feel of their

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