Second Great Awakening Book Summary

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The author, Dr. Towns, is the co-founder of Liberty University, and author of over one hundred books including The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever: from Pentecost to the Present. Co-author, Douglas Porter, is now deceased but was the pastor of Napanee Baptist Church in Canada. Dr. Towns and Porter write this work desiring for their readers to have a greater understanding of what true revival is, and to take a look back in history to see the faithfulness of God in His work through the saints. This is an important book because revival is commonly misunderstood, and Towns and Porter clearly identify what true revival includes. Towns and Porter also remind their readers that revival can happen at any time to any people. This is a great book for anyone…show more content…
The First Awakening included preaching from Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, who are regarded as some of the best evangelists and preachers in history. One of the greatest aspects of the First Great Awakening was open-air preaching. Whitefield preached in the fields amassing crowds of an estimated twenty thousand people. Many people were converted to Christ during these revivals. Other revivals include the Laymen’s Prayer Revival which include the great preaching of Dwight L. Moody. The Protestant Reformation, arguably one of the most important revivals in history, included the preaching and teaching of Luther and Calvin. Towns and Porter finish the book with the revival at the Day of Pentecost. All these revivals are important in history and show that God uses His people to do His Work at His appointed time in human…show more content…
Even though some of the revivals may be questionable, the research is great and the reader can determine by doing further examination which revivals are true and authentic. This is a must read for anyone in the church because one needs to know what revival is and that is clearly defined in this work. Application This book is important to my life and ministry because of the implications revival has for the church. I did not have a good understanding of revival before reading this work so it has helped me to better define revival in the truest sense of the word. Further, the book has made me think through how one should determine true revival from those that may not be authentic. Revival that is based on emotionalism and sensationalism should be evaluated more strictly because one needs to determine if true revival has taken place. Another aspect of revival that I learned is that it begins with prayer. This is an area in my life that I need to be more attentive to. I need to prayer more about there being revival, or, that God will continue to work in and through His people to see many conversions to Christ. I need to be focused in prayer about the lost and praying for their

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