Loss Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Feelings and emotions are capable to satisfy, abandon, or destroy. People will perform unpredictable acts to achieve such emotion. William Shakespeare, a literary genius, wrote about these passions: ambition, love, power, and pride, though his countless pieces. Additionally, a balance of these emotions harvests a flourishing life. In Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Macbeth, the tragic hero, Macbeth, experiences a tragic flaw. He disrupts the balance of emotions, and creates a path of death and darkness to life and himself. Macbeth’s fluctuating ambition and overarching vanity leads to his destruction demonstrating human flaw in the world. Early in Macbeth, Macbeth’s loses control of his desire for the crown deteriorating his health. After Macbeth receives his prophecies from the witches, he internally ponders in his mind one of the three witches’ prophecies, that he shall be king of Scotland. Macbeth questions how such feat is possible. Once the first two prophecies were fulfilled, dreadful thoughts ignited through his mind about the third. Furthermore, these visions create a spark of ambition for the crown. Macbeth describes the situation…show more content…
When Macbeth becomes King of Scotland, his over confidence and glory makes him prepare a feast for his noblemen and lords. Previously, Macbeth hired soldiers to kill his befriend, Banquo, before the Banquet, because the witches prophecies displayed Banquo’s line succeeding to the throne. At the feast, Macbeth feels confident as if no one can disrupt his position. He delivers a speech expressing his false grief saying, “Here had we now our country’s honor roofed,/ were the graced person of our Banquo present,/ who may I rather challenge for unkindness/ Than pity for mischance.” Moments later, he sees Banquo’s ghost, erasing all his pride and causing a disruption at the banquet. In the eyes of his guests, Macbeth talks to an empty chair, revealing the corrosion of his emotional

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