Millennial Language

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In this digital age, the rapid development of technology has changed the life of people by the use of modern technology. New inventions of facilities and utilities enrich and change a person’s life, and from these growing innovations, modern technology has affected the different aspects of human life including communication and language. Through the years, language had adjusted and became flexible in order to keep up with technological innovations through the use of technology mediated communication, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media applications. Thus, such channels have produced certain jargons that most users are generally known as Millennials. It was the historians Neil Howe and William Strauss who coined…show more content…
This study will also to help them be aware that such words have disadvantages, particularly to students who may have ended using these words unconsciously in academics. In addition, this will help the teachers to identify what millennial words are and how does it affect a student’s linguistic ability. Lastly, this paper will become another reference for further research in evolving words such as millennial words as used in Twitter. The accommodation theory of Giles and Coupland in 1991, as one of the basis of this study proved that millennial words are acquired through interacting to the people in Twitter. In addition to this, the elements of function of slang words as introduced by Chapman in 1998, applies to the millennial words this includes the: establishment of group relations, to lead a conversation towards informality, suggest ‘insider-knowledge’ with the people to whom you are speaking, show the speaker’s attitude through the use of words and expressions that differ from standard language, to reduce excessive seriousness, to induce intimacy, to exaggerate feelings or thoughts with humor and character limitation (140…show more content…
Due to the excessive seriousness of a conversation or a thought, people in this generation thought of a way in reducing this problem, and this brought the evolution of millennial words. Through the data gathered by the researcher, this study proves that the millennial words are widely used by the millennial generation in spite of the fact of the bad internet speed especially here in the Philippines. Finally, this study now proves that millennial words have evolved and are used in Twitter by the millennial people, to reduce the excessive seriousness of a thought or the conversation itself and to also exaggerate one self’s feelings or thoughts with humor. With this study, the probabilities of new words evolving in Twitter or other social media platforms are increasing. With this research, the theories in which how words on Twitter emerged can be used for further

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