Disadvantages Of 3d Technology

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The world is changing fast. 20th century was full of technological breakthrough and some major scientific discoveries that have changed the world. The 21st century promises to go even further given the readiness of the investors to see the opportunities in technologies that can create a new market. Just by looking at where we are today, we can see how technology has played a major role in shaping our world. The last decade has seen iTunes turning the face of the music industry, smartphones like Blackberry and Samsung transforming the ways of communication, Facebook and Twitter recasting the manner of communication and marketing. These innovations have been happening so fleetly that it has become difficult to keep a tab on all the scientific know how at any one time. What will…show more content…
Earlier, the 3D technology was expensive and difficult to use too. But today, the scenario has changed completely because the use of 3d technology not confined to only games and entertainment, but there are multiple uses of 3D technology in architecture, PC, and industry as well as in education too. With 3D printing gaining momentum, this technology definitely has the potential to advance in near future. OLED Displays What makes OLED displays superior is its thinner than black lit screens, each pixel in its panel produces its own light so it does not have to filter the light from a white or blue lamp behind the screen just to produce light. Though expensive to produce, OLED technology may usher in a new era of large-area, transparent, flexible and low-energy display products. Six-Core Processors Six-core processors are a genuine upgrade in the current lineup of quad core CPUs. The best thing about this technology is that six-powered processors can fit into most existing X58 motherboards which is a breakthrough in the current features. Dual Action
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