How Should Canada Maintain Peacekeeping Efforts

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Canadians often perceive our nation as one of the world's peacekeeping nations, playing an active role in keeping the peace across the globe. There has been successful peacekeeping missions and there has also been many unsuccessful peacekeeping missions. Canada should not maintain its peacekeeping efforts due to many factors. Those factors are soldiers are feeling less enthusiastic toward peacekeeping than the Canadian public, there is underfunding for weapons, less time for combat training and soldiers are experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. All these factors indicate that Canada should not maintain its peacekeeping efforts. There has been many peacekeeping missions in the past that did not succeed such as Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Somalia and Afghanistan. Therefore Canada should not maintain their peacekeeping efforts. Peacekeeping is defined as the prevention, containment,…show more content…
Canada needs to replace its old military equipment if it wants to be successful in peacekeeping missions. Canada does not have the proper funding to buy new equipment. However Canada can lease or borrow American equipment. For example instead of buying new jetfighters, or spending millions of dollars on upgrading equipment Canadian pilots can be flying US aircraft. They can also lease unmanned aerial vehicles for peacekeeping missions. Canadian peacekeeping in Afghanistan was an unsuccessful mission. This mission started after the September 11th 2001 attacks against the US. 24 Canadians were killed in the World Trade Center. By 2010, 139 soldiers, three civilian aid workers, one journalist and one diplomat have been killed. Over 300 military personnel have been wounded and this mission cost 11 to 12 billion dollars. After knowing these facts Canadian public support began to decline for this mission because it was not turning out to be a

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