Short Story Larry The Lobster

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Larry the Lobster was the biggest red lobster that has ever lived under the coral sea. Larry lived his patch of seaweed that he called home, because it had the view of a golden clam that shined brighter than the run in midday so he always had light when he went to bed. Larry also like to go up to the surface to got to his cousin crabby crab to get pineapples, bananas, and peaches. Larry was not brave he didn't like the dark, predators, or anything that could hurt him. Larry had a dream though, he always wanted to go to the mermaids village, the most beautiful, majestic, peaceful place in all the universe. There was a problem with that dream of his. Only the bravest and most honest sea creatures could go there, and Larry wasn’t brave or honest.…show more content…
So Larry decides that he will sneak in a take just a peek. Larry travels for many mile which was another problem Larry would have to travel through dark places and pass big mean sea creatures. Larry came upon his first challenge a dark cave the was very long, but Larry wants to go to the mermaids village so bad that he just races into there hoping to see the other side as fast as possible but Larry soon ran out of steam and has to slow down. Larry is very scared but he just sits down for a while and closes eyes while singing a song that his father and mother use to sing to him when all of sudden he heard a voice, very deep voice that sounded like a mean sea creature but to his surprise its just may the octopus. Larry asked many if he could travel with him to the other side, and as expected nice old many said yes. on their travel Larry asked many how he was so brave. many replied and said, “you're only as brave as you choose to be,” but Larry not being to bright asked what that means but all many said was that Larry would have to figure that out for himself. As soon as many said that they seen light and many

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