Migration Ethical Issues

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Abstract The paper is concerned with the discussions regarding the ethical issues related to the immigrant group who are often not included as participants in research. However, including immigrant groups and diverse refugee in research is an ethical issue. Immigration is a matter of debate in the society. Supporters argue saying that the immigrants benefit the country but may need special programs to assist them in adjustment. While the opponents argue saying that immigrants drain the resources that could be spent on other priorities of the nation. There are lot of ethical challenges involved in the sensitivity of the relationship between the society and the immigrants. Nations are struggling to define the policies and attitudes towards immigrants and immigration. When discussing about ethical issues related to migration it becomes very important to note that it is all about people and their migration. This should always start and end with the acknowledgement of humanity of those who are moving and those who do not move. Ethics of migration highlights the tensions between individuals and nations. Discussions and information on ethics of migration should be honest…show more content…
People move to survive. They move towards opportunities for life. Such movements affect the communities migrants leave and the communities that receive these migrants. The ethics of migration are complex as there are many perspectives as to why people migrate, how people migrate, what impact migration has on receiving, transit and sending countries and whether countries should encourage, discourage or limit migration. The human conditions are complex and therefore the reasons for migration as well. Ethical issues of migration raise questions as to what are the costs of migration. Do nations have an ethical obligation to do the least harm to migrants when enforcing immigration laws and so on. Migration is discussed as a push-pull
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