Migraine Speech

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Do you know what a migraine is? Obviously, you do but do you yourself stuffer from them, do you know someone that does? About 1 in 200 people tend to have them, but people normally mistake them for just any normal headache, they’ll pop some pills move on with their day. Once you get a migraine it’ll last about a few hours to a few days. Migraine pain can get so bad that it can literally stop you from doing anything all day other than lay in bed. The pain and symptoms however do vary from person to person some get it not so much while others have something called ‘migraine attacks’. Pregnant woman tend to be more prone to getting these attacks during or after giving birth to their child. Symptom’s include pain on one side of the head, tingling…show more content…
They both play a role with each other and sadly I end up losing my eye sight. So, for me it is best not to get behind the wheel of a car and try to drive anywhere. If your anything like my boyfriend, you have got to have it the worst at least in my book I feel like it is the worst type. He (Matthew) gets a migraine at least 1-6 times in a month alone. He’s had migraines for as long as he can remember, as a child his mother took him to the doctor to be seen because they were so bad. Once the doctors took a few tests they then noticed that he had developed bleeding in his brain known as Migrainous Infection. Since there hasn’t been really a cure for migraines the doctor at the time Matthew was a child, the doctor informs his mother that there was nothing he could do for him if the bleeding got worse. Naturally the doctor did what he could, and Matthew did start to improve but now he runs the risk of getting a migraine and his brain just bleeding out and having a stroke which could possible lead to
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