(Onabotulinutoxinsa) Injections: A Case Study

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The focus of the trial is to prove that BOTOX (onabotulinutoxinsA) injections will be a great preventative treatment to treat acute migraines. The trial will compare patients in those who are given BOTOX injections and those who take the gold standard of sumatripan to observe the frequency and pain of migraines Methodology The trial is a blind trial, which will be conducted in Chicago. The trial will take four years to complete. The trial was created with the standards of the Belmont report on Ethical Behavior in Humans Research in mind. An IRB proposal will be submitted to the Wittenberg Research board. Each participants will sign an informed consent form. The inclusion criteria of the participants are as follows: (a) the participants are 18 years of age or older, who meet the criteria of acute migraines (14 or fewer migraines a month). (b) None of the participants are allergic to ingredients in onabotulinutoxinsA or ingredients in sumatriptan. (c) To never have taken onabotulinutoxinsA or sumatriptan. (d) That none of the participants have or will have or plan to have surgery on the face. (e) That none of the participants are or plan to become pregnant or plan to breastfeed. (f) The participants will all have a clean bill…show more content…
Each group will be injected with very thin fine needles on the face, on the side and back of the head and the back of the shoulders. The needles are like acupuncture needles and they will feel like tiny pinpricks. Group A will have the highest number injection of onabotulinutoxinsA with 34. The group B will have the medium number onabotulinutoxinsA injections with 31. Group C will have the lowest number of onabotulinutoxinsA injections with 19. Group D is the control group they will have placebo injections with 31 needle injections. Groups A to C will have placebo pills if/when they have migraines. Group D will take sumatripan when they have

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