Narrative Essay: The Monotone Scene

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The monotone scene seems to blur and break into pieces, almost puzzle-like. A puzzle with parts that seem to be impossible to put together as though an essential piece is missing, where every day is devoted in hopefully finding that completing piece. Wouldn’t its discovery bring contentment? But then, two steps away is the edge. Crossing it would lead to a seemingly endless fall to total relief. Relief that neither the intake of medications nor the agonizing sessions of therapy could guarantee. The decision is utterly up to me. Therefore, I trudged a step forward. “Violins can’t just magically play tunes by themselves and you know that. So pick yours up and start playing. I really miss your performances. Seriously, what has gotten into you…show more content…
He was sensitive, and that being verbally careless around him could block the arteries of his heart, literally to the verge of the inescapable. I just never envisaged myself to be the trigger of it all. Presuming that I’m a murderer would be safe to conclude. It started off as a mundane misunderstanding, a lover’s quarrel so to speak. He never understood just how fed up I was of his continual disregard of me. Furthermore, he was always working in his office, but even if I became the Head of Sales of a highly renowned company fulfilling the duties of an heir, I would still share some time with my partner; going to fancy dinners, watching movies, or perhaps attending music festivals. For him, his career’s future was the most substantial, however, one can only build a great future if he focuses on the present. I believed that the present was us, if our future even meant anything at all for him. And because of carelessness, anything you once had can just vanish. If only I was apprehensive of the possible consequences my words can lead to, and if only I turned my back and stayed with him, then the inevitable would’ve been postponed. Nevertheless, I ended our relationship as I left his workplace and did not even hesitate to walk out when he simply requested,

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