How Did Winter Dreams Influence The Great Gatsby

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Authors compose their novels and short stories with fictional reasonings of how to live life. Some writers create a theme of stress and the industrial development of the societies social mobility with one another. Luxury elements filled the houses of those who were wealthy, while those who struggled to have a roof over their head could only afford little. Authors such as F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote mainly about men and their motifs on how to get the girl they have dreamt about living a perfect life with. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s fictional short story “Winter Dreams” illuminates the authors views of the deteriorated American dream during the 1920’s as seen through the main character’s socioeconomic acquisitions that take him further from his dreams.…show more content…
Considering his short novel “Winter Dreams” the main character Dexter show how much he loved Judy but knows he could not have her “He loved her, and he would love her until the day he was too old for loving--but he could not have her” (Fitzgerald, n.d). This happened to Fitzgerald, Zelda was on his mind and loved her for who she was but deep inside he knew he could not have her. Yet influenced by his love Zelda Sayre to write in a series that would give him the life of having endless drinks, celebrations, glory and exposition just as those who were born in the rich families who were always open to that kind of life (A feminist reading of Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams, 2014) he then realized that he can have her but he would have to work hard to achieve…show more content…
They forgot how to live, with the prosperous life they had before they were not exposed to such conditions the entire population collapsed. The nineteen twenties was an era of depression and stress, with the news of the drastic stock market crash of 1929 spreading, Fitzgerald was soon to experience his own conflicts against family issues and the significant effects the war caused (Critical Insights F.Scott Fitzgerald, 2011). With everyone developing and rising over the fall of their economic system they found a way to live life again, with more money came more fame but the disadvantages show that “Money is ‘enchanting’ but also ‘dangerous’. Wealth is ‘empowering’ and ‘corrupting’ (Critical Insights F.Scott Fitzgerald, 2011), people had to prepare for

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