Mexican Drug War Essay

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Ever since the 19th century, Mexican’s have migrated from their home country to other neighboring countries such as the Us, approximately 11.6 million Mexican immigrants resided there in 2013 (Migration Policy). Factors such as high unemployment rates, ecological issues, Unemployment in Mexico has only been getting worse in the past decade, leading to many jobless Mexicans. In July 2015, Mexico’s unemployment rate was at 4.72% and it projected to rise even more in 2016. Youthful Mexicans are the most affected portion of the population, facing unemployment rates twice as high as those among grown-ups. According to Ibrahim Villaseñor, a researcher in the economics doctorate program at the Complutense University of Madrid, “The absence of a serious…show more content…
Aggression towards Mexican law enforcement and military officials, combined with the crimes perpetrated by drug cartels, have made the public distrust government law enforcement. Furthermore, the costs of the Mexican drug war are impacting Mexico’s economy, investments, and the strength of the border between Mexico and the US. Over tens of thousands of people have been murdered due to drug-related crimes in Mexico over the past seven years. Many of these victims are caused by the fight between Mexico’s government and the war between gangs who fight for the control of territory and drug shipment routes. One of the most powerful and impactful drug cartels in Mexico are the Zetas and the Sinaloa. The drug flow in over half of Mexico’s states are controlled by the Zetas, they surpassed their rivals, the Sinaloa cartel, in 2012 in terms of presence in Mexico. While the Sinaloa cartel often used bribing to gain control in Mexico, the Zetas are known to use brutal violence to establish dominance. With over half of Mexico being controlled by such dangerous and violent organizations, Mexicans move out of the country in fear and to escape the violence established by drug

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