A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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"A Good Man Is Hard to Find" Why is good man or woman so hard to find? That seems to be a million dollar question. In the short story, "A good Man Is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Conner, there is an elderly woman known as Grandma. She lives with her only son, Bailey and his family in Atlanta, Georgia. She claims to be a spiratual and respectful woman, but as the story progresses, her flaws are exposed. She represents qualities of hypocrisy and selfishness while holding herself to a higher superiority than others. Some peoples selfishness will stop at nothing to get what they want in life. In the beginning, Grandma wanted to travel to East Tennessee instead of Florida. She did not hesitate to try and convince Bailey to change…show more content…
Grandma claimed times were better in her days, and people are not as nice now. "People are certainly not nice like they use to be," (O'Conner 379) Therefore we should assume grandma had the same characterisitics as the people she was referring to in her days. However, she was actually the opposite of what she was describing. For example, she made sure she was the first in the car with the basket hiding the cat, Pitty Sing. She knew how much Bailey did not want the cat to go on the trip. Grandma was unaware that having the cat would change everything. Furthermore, she began to reminence and came across a memory of an old house. In order to get Bailey to take a detour to see this house she started to exaggerate on how great this house was, lying about a false secret panel. With the exaggeration and enthusiasm the kids, John Wesley and June Star became very excied and curious. Eventually they convinced Bailey to turn the car around in search of the old house. A thought began to pop into Grandmas mind making her suddenly very nervous. Within moments, Pitty Sing jumped onto Baileys shoulder, startling him. He threw his family every direction when he lost control of the car causing it to flip. A car pulled up to help, Grandma was unable to place where she knew the man at first, before she suddenly reconized him. "You're the Misfit!" (O'Conner382) From that moment,

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