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The Mexican cartel started in the 60s and 70s with Guadalajara cartel. The Guadalajara cartel got into some issue in the mid-1980s by kidnapping and torturing and murdering a U.S DEA agent Enrique Camarena. This event made the U.S government energized and focused on the Guadalajara cartel. Which led them to arrest and break up the Guadalajara cartel after the U.S government broke up the Guadalajara cartel the leader Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo aka El Padrino or The Godfather divided his turf and fiefdom into various sectors. In 1989 Seven months after taking office veteran drug warrior George H.W. Bush made his first televised addressed to the nation “All of us agree that the gravest domestic threat facing our nation today is drugs”. He proposed…show more content…
This man named Juan Esparragoza Moreno or el Azul. In the 1990’s the lord of the skies died from complications during a surgery. In 2000 the Mexican voters were looking for a new face and the National Action Party (PAN) got one for them. His name was Vicente Fox was put forward by a right-wing party. On July 2, 2000 Vicente Fox won presidency with the support of the center left coalition. His running began on December 1, 2000 then three weeks later he went to Tijuana and stated a war with Arellano Felix Organization. Fox put Arellano Felix brothers on the top of his hit list because his brother were drug lords “most wanted” by the USA Eight months before Arellano Felix brothers had taken Pepe Patino who was an antidrug prosecuting attorney who was working with the DEA and FBI. The brothers tortured Patino by breaking every bone in Patino body before slowly finishing him by crushing Patino skull in a air-filled way. This event that the brothers did spurred the U.S law. The U.S made it had made it clear it considered Mexico’s army it most reliable force, regardless of the arrest of Fox’s in 2001 who generals had been protecting…show more content…
From the very first skirmishes in 2003 the firefights on the streets of Nuevo Laredo grew steadily until by 2005 enormous encounters organizing ever more refined and deadly weapons. In July after all the rivals and brought out a machine guns and rocket impelled grenade launchers, the American officials shut down the U.S consulate. June 11, 2005, Fox sent 600 members of the Federal Investigations Agency and Fox send Federal Preventive Police together they teamed up with the members of the GAFE (the special forces of the Mexican army) following the Nuevo Laredo. Where they met with gunfire from the local police officers in the pay of the Gulf Cartel. The federal authorities removed almost one-third of the local police officers who were with the Gulf Cartel for suspected ties with drug traffickers, suspended the res and were replaced them with federal forces. The success of Los Zetas underestimate the benefits that who had their military skills over to the “dark side”, especially given the notoriously poor salaries, harsh living environment and mortification by officers that were their daily price in their

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