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Joaquin Guzman Loera, who was known as El Chapo, was the boss of the Sinoloa cartel, an illegal drug organization. According to the U.S.Treasury Department, Guzman was “the most powerful drug trafficker”. Because of that, he became the most wanted person in the world after Osama Bin Laden was assassinated. In addition, he was like one of the world best escapers because he was uncatchable. The Mexican authorities tried to catch Guzman several times, but they failed to do it. He seemed to know that the authorities was going to pursue him and so he escaped really quickly. Guzman was born in the mountain village of La Tuna as the oldest child of the family. He left school at third grade and assisted in collecting drug for two drugs chieftain: Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Then he started his career as an air-traffic controller of drug in Columbia. He was a talent person so he soon climbed up to the top. In 1992, he was caught and sent to Puente Grande, one of the most secure prison in Mexico. He was too powerful and rich so he bought off the prison staff and enjoyed a luxury life in the prison. In January 2001, he escaped and no one was surprised because he controlled the whole prison. His escape suggested that Mexican political system had been damaged by drug money. After the escape, he went back to Sinoloa and expanded his…show more content…
While the conference was still going on, the marines discovered that the house on Rio Humaya Street was linked to six other houses. The marines also found out that Guzman had some assisstances who could provide him a new phone or a ride out of town. But soon after his escape, the marines managed to arrest Manuel Lopez Osorio, who was one of Guzman’s assisstance. From Osorio’s testimony, the marined learned that the bodyguard of Guzman was Carlos Hoo Ramirez, who was called El

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