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When you have twenty - one different countries you are going to have a variety of different cultures. Some cultures may be similar, and some could be completely different and still be in the same country. It doesn’t matter where you are every place is going to be different. Spanish culture is well known for the the famous flamingo dance, bullfighting, and lots of sunshine, but not every place you go lives by those philosophies (Spanish Culture). Hispanic culture contains of many customs and traditions, while Spanish culture has more of the heritage and traditions of the people in Spain. The language part of Mexico’s culture is that the official language of Mexico is Spanish, but many of their words come from ancient indigenous languages.…show more content…
Their culture circles around religious values and the church (Religion of Mexico). Around 82% of Mexicans label themselves as catholic. There are some small clusters of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and also some Christian denominations. In any of the Spanish speaking countries the food is going to differ, but you will have some staple items that are present in any place. The food in Mexico consists of corn or wheat tortillas, rice, tomatoes, beans, and chili peppers along with certain types of sausage (Mexican Food). The diets of people in Mexico some times base on the finical status of the residents. The country has a very well developed industry for beverages. Soda is a very popular drink in Mexico as it is just about everywhere else. The culture in Brazil is one of the most diverse cultures in the world (Brazil Culture). Their culture is so diverse because of their history in European Domination and slavery which brought African influences. Out of all of Brazil’s culture over half are white which consists of Italian, Portuguese, and Polis (Brazil Culture). Brazilian culture has many specific details that are important to follow like needing to over dress to events, bringing a hostess a gift such as fresh flowers, and never give a gift that is black or purple because those are mourning colors (Brazil…show more content…
Spanish is of course the official language, but another that people still speak is Quechua. Peru’s culture is built on the freedom of religion. Catholicism is the main religion practiced like many other Spanish speaking countries, but there are others present in the culture of Peru and they have a big influence on festivals in Peru (About Peru). In the Peruvian society they have always incorporated dance and song in their culture. They have always used items they found such as bones or sea shells to create music (About Peru). The culture of Venezuela is very diverse and has been influenced from many different people who have settled in Venezuela. Venezuela has many different communities of people because of the migration wave during the 17th century that brought many people with all different backgrounds. Along with many other Spanish countries about 95% of the population call themselves catholic. The Caribbean had a major impact on the art and culture of Venezuela. They got their architectural ideas from the Caribbean (Culture of

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