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Nonfiction Book Report For my social studies book I read “Fever, 1793”L by Laurie Halse Anderson, published by Aladdin Paperbacks with 243 pages. This book is about a girl named Mattie who lives in Philadelphia during the time of The Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 and her battle to stay alive. She lives in a small town but travels to different small towns throughout the course of the book to escape the fever. Mattie is the main character and she always seemed to be really strong to me because she survived sickness, losing her mother, watching her Grandfather die, and having to make grownup decisions. There were other supporting characters like Eliza, Grandfather, and Nell. Eliza was a black woman that helped Mattie’s family in their coffee…show more content…
Some people picked them up off the side of the road and took them to a hospital by the name of Bush Hill. This particular hospital had a bad reputation. After five or six days spent at Bush Hill, they finally were free to leave but Grandfather was not recovered fully and still had a cough. As they made their way back to Philadelphia his conditions worsened. When they arrived at the coffee house Mattie laid pallets down for them to sleep on during the night. IN doing so she also left the windows open to air the coffee house out and intruders entered. They were looking for money or silver and ended up finding Mattie. She made such noise that it woke Grandfather up and they began to strangle him. After he was still weak and had just been strangled he barely hung on to life. Minutes after the attack, he passed away. This led Mattie to wander the streets in hope of finding someone she knew. She was successful in finding Eliza and at the same time she found Nell. Eliza let Mattie stay with her family and help her nephews. She finally regained enough strength to reopen the coffee house. Around this time Mattie’s mother returns home from The Ludington’s weaker than

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