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I have a multicultural family which causes conflict on which culture I identify with but I grew up with Mexican values. So I identify myself more in my Mexican culture than any other culture. My Mexican culture out of the many words to describe it mostly magical to me. My Mexican culture has a strong belief system that you will find throughout everything that associates with my culture. Our values and customs are what make up the very heart of my culture. My life has always been encased by the pleasantness of the Mexican culture. Even though I have never truly lived in Mexico, I visit there at least once every two years. My grandma was born in a small farming town in Durango, Mexico. She alone has kept my family roots deeply present in my life and allowed me to appreciate the culture. It was expected of children to be baptized after being born then once they reach a certain age they begin classes for their first communion. As a little girl I always felt a sense of belonging when I would go to church I had so much fun in my classes. But as I got older I really realized what an impact my culture really took on me. The first time I felt that was the very first trip to Mexico we…show more content…
Families in Mexico have a greater sense of devotedness the children grow up learning to respect their elders, also gain the sense of duty that when their parents get older, they must help to provide for them. I noticed this on my second visit to Mexico my family stayed with family friend this lady Anna had fourteen kids and each one would help her out now that she was old. One of them even still lived with her to help her every day by running errands and farming the fields they owned. Also kids are brought up with a great sense of family values and are shown how to have gratifying time with their family. Kids are not self-conscious of their parents and have a greater admiration for

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