American Revolution Of Contradictions

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The American Revolution was a revolution of contradictions some of which were colonies that were tired to the British government wanted more freedom and liberties, and citizens that took away the freedoms of African Americans by enslaving them preaching for freedom from the British government. It was a revolution that made it’s path on liberty and equality amongst all people and it was a revolution that reinforced America’s commitment to oppression. Citizens of America became to question authority and believed that just because you had power or were wealthy did not mean you were right, they questions everything the any government did. After declaring the separation from the British Empire through the Declaration of Independence, we still became a colony that had no real power and still ran by the wealthy elite, most of which were slaveholders. The elite were the people that were allowed to reap the benefits of this separation when the poor, mainly African Americans and other minorities, still had none to little say in the government or economic liberties.…show more content…
To people in power, this revolution was the means to have political and economical freedom instead of personal freedom such as it was for the slaves. Freed and enslaved African Americans had to use the naturals rights to appeal to the elite to be treated fairly, which show that despite the fighting and discussions that America was still an enslavement and oppressed country. Although America was moving in a direction that leads to the freedom we know today, the contradictions that faced the citizens at that time were clear and should not have occurred. The length it took for citizens to receive their freedom continued the oppression Americans felt from the
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