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Mark Dutter spent most of his life in Beliot, Wisconsin. He graduated high school in 1995, then went on to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to receive his degree in Business in 1999 (2016 Election). After Mark graduated college, he was a Corporate Control Manager and a Chief Financial Officer for a business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2016 Election). In 2006 Mark went to Gillette Wyoming to pursue a career with BNSF Railroad. Mark was then laid off in 2009. Then Mark chose to become a loan officer. He works as a Senior Loan Officer for a company in Rapid City, South Dakota. Mark is running as an Independent candidate. His running completely on his own. He is running on his own because “I don't want to be a part of either major political party where I have to listen to the party officials on what my platform has to be and what I have to believe in” (2016…show more content…
Dutter feels that a president should be able to work well with both Democrats and Republicans. Avoiding the extremes Mark’s platform follows both Democratic and Republican thinking. When Mark Dutter sat down to write his platform he wrote his platform based solely on his ideas. Mark thinks that Social Security and Medicare should be reformed so that they don’t run out. Mark Dutter does not support the Affordable Care Act at all. Dutter also believes strongly in a women’s right to choose and gay rights. Also mark believes that one should have to present an ID in order to vote. He also believes that the food stamp system needs to be majorly overhauled. He wants restrictions place on what one can buy while being on food stamps. Also, he wants to make sure that the assistance is going to people that are trying to make ends meet not the people who aren’t out looking for jobs. Dutter believes that people on

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