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Mexico: Culture and Healthcare Mexico is a country with a culture that varies greatly from ours in the United States. Most Americans are not aware of all of the differences between our two countries; not only are there differences in our cultures, but great differences in our healthcare systems too. Hispanic people are very religious and their religion plays a large role in their everyday life. In sickness and in health, they praise their God. In the Hispanic culture there are many things they have in common with the way things used to be in America, like the mother staying home to raise the children and the father being the breadwinner. Hispanic people are extremely family oriented. From birth till death, family plays a huge role in…show more content…
Holy Week is the time when they remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God. Holy Week is celebrated during the spring, beginning on Palm Sunday and extending through the week of Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of God’s Son, Jesus. Christmas is celebrated on December 25. Colorful Posadas are nightly celebrations that begin on December 16. They are commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph to the Inn in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Day of the Dead, also referred to, as Dia de los Muertos, is a time of remembering loved ones who have passed away. Day of the dead begins on October 31 and ends November 2. The Appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe is the commemoration of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531 and is celebrated on December 12 (“Countries and Their Culture” n.d.). The few secular holidays they celebrate include Independence Day and the birthday of the Statesman Benito Juarez. Independence day is the celebration of Mexico becoming its own country from Spain in 1821. Independence day is celebrated on September 16. The birthday of Benito Juarez, the revolutionary and statesman, is celebrated on March…show more content…
Many things we as Americans do on a regular basis could be considered disrespectful in Mexico. The health care that is received in Mexico is often times simply a home remedy that has been passed on for generations. As a group, Hispanic people have a very family oriented and religious way of life. The man of the house is to provide for his family and the woman to parent the children. The other important aspect of Hispanic culture is their religion. Everyday, Hispanics are worshiping their God for many different reasons. Many of the holidays celebrated by Hispanics are Roman Catholic holiday although Hispanics do celebrate secular holidays. The Mexican culture is one, which they are strong in their beliefs and set in their ways. Hispanic people are very religious and love their families very

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