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As a Latina from a Mexican family I struggle to find a middle ground between pride and confidence. The Hispanic culture stresses not to forget your roots and be proud of who you are, my parents and grandparents really valued our culture’s beliefs they say we may live in the US, but we should still be proud to call ourselves Mexican. Both my parents taught me to be confident of who I am and not let myself be affected by the strange world around me, to have a sense of pride in my originality and be proud of the gifts I was given by God. Religion is also imperative to the Mexican culture, if you are Mexican then it is essential to be a Guadalupano, a person who is devoted to the Virgin de Guadalupe (Virgin Mary) you must take your religion very…show more content…
She wanted me to be genuinely good, to be obedient, to be respectful, to be selfless, to be forgiving and to be humble. When my grandfather was experimenting different religions, he came across Catholicism and felt that the religion made the most sense to him, so from that point forward that has been my family’s religion. My parents were taught to be catholic and they taught me to be catholic, I remember when I was a little girl my parents would take me and my sister to mass every Sunday I was young so I didn’t quite understand what was being preached by the priest nor did I understand what the purpose of religion was. I’ve matured now I understand that we go to mass every Sunday to worship God, I can comprehend what the meaning behind the priests preaches are and I know that the purpose of religion is to have faith in someone or something. I’m not very committed to the catholic religion, I understand the fundamentals and attend mass, but because Catholicism was introduced to me I didn’t inquire it, now that I am more independent and am mature enough to make my own decisions I do have the desire to inquire Catholicism and establish whether or not I am truly a catholic. Truth is important to maintain in beliefs and in self-development I haven’t been able to establish if I’m a true catholic because I’ve been too occupied establishing…show more content…
I do analyze an individual’s acts and after analyzing how I’m affected by certain acts I’ve established that I’m also a caring, loving, thoughtful, forgiving, kind and understanding person. I care a lot for my loved ones and I often think about what I can do to benefit their well-being, if a loved one goes wrong I’m very understanding and give my support I do not question to forgive them, I believe you should always forgive those people whom you love. This is a moral I learned from my mother she is so kind to others and does everything that is in her hands to help her loved ones, she will go to the ends of the earth to help a loved one, my mother’s kindness has influenced me to try to make others happy when I have the opportunity. Since I like the simple things in life if I can make someone smile by giving them a hug, or laugh by telling a joke, or just sincerely giving them a compliment, I will do so. I believe in equality and that we are all individuals, nobody is better than you and you aren’t better than anybody, that humility is the key for everybody to harmonize. If you maintain a humble heart you are being honest with yourself because you believe you are worth just as much as any other individual, this is the most important moral my family has taught me. I’ve been told that

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