Comparing Amir And Hassan's The Kite Runner

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There’s a clear difference between Amir and Hassan. Amir is Sunni Muslim, a “pure” Afghani, Amir write and reads, in his spare time. And his father “Baba” is a wealthy business whose loved and respected among the community and his peers. Whereas, Hassan is an illiterate Shi’a Hazara, a minority, who can be easy recognised by his distinguished features and his cleft lip. The cleft lip showed his status in the community, on top of being a minority both Hassan and his father “Ali” were servants for Baba and Amir. Amir and Hassan had a similar relationship to Baba and Ali’s relationship. Both Baba and Amir never called Ali and Hassan friends, despite Ali and Hassan undoubted loyalty to them, because of the unspoken rule among the Afghan society. A Hazara and A Pashtun are not supposed to be friends, it’s frowned upon to mix with the lower class. No one mentions it to Baba because of his position, but Amir was constantly teased and reminded that it was wrong and that Kabul should be purified from Hazaras by Assef, Hassan and Sohrab’s rapist.…show more content…
He remained that way even after his rape, he still wrote to Amir unsent letters for years. His good nature most likely came from his status and his father, Ali was a good man who raised his child on good beliefs. On the other hand, Amir was a selfish coward boy but he grew up to be selfless from his guilt. He was selfish because he craved Baba’s love and compassion, thinking that Baba hates him for not having the same interests as him and, more importantly, stealing Baba’s only love from him. Also, Amir’s status played a role on him when he did an inhumane thing by blocking out and trying to ignore Hassan’s rape because again he was a Pashtun and Hassan was a Hazara, there’s a forever lasting difference between them to him when he was

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