Meteora Short Story

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There is a bug to which almost everyone has fallen a prey. That bug is fondly known as the ‘Travel- bug’. If you have been bitten by this bug or any of its specie, then you are sure to suffer with its most common symptom called the ‘Wanderlust’. If you have hunger for travelling to unusual places, then here are some places that should surely make to your bucket list. But at the same time there are people like me who don’t even have the ‘lust’ of travelling the world, but also travel the outer space. To satisfy the explorer and the spirit of adventure in me, I found some places that are sure to transfer anyone to some other world. For the heart wanders and it wanders to get lost into something where it finds solace. To find a cure and offer…show more content…
Meteor ~~ Meteora. The place is nothing but rocks. Stop being cynical, maybe? The rocks are the size of whopping 600 metres! That is quite a height for a rock. The spectacular and traditional view is sure to give you a solemn feeling and an out of the world experience! The best part that I found about this place is the remains of hermits who live in the rocks of Meteora. 3) Stone Forest What? Forest comprises of trees. We are talking about unearthly places, remember? This got me extremely curious. So this is a place in Madagascar which has stones in place of trees. When I decided to check it for real- VOILA! There it was! Not only this, the labyrinth of stones at Madagascar and the discovery of endemic species of lizards and monkeys will leave you marveled at the nature’s creation. sic. 4) Retba Lake Strawberry shake, directly served by nature, with a pinch of a salt. Retba Lake is pink colored lake in Australia. An organism called Dunaliella salina is responsible for the color of the lake. Pink Lake! What else do you expect as the outer world experience? Though I’m not much fond of the color pink, but to find naturally occurring source of water in a color apart from blue, well that’s definitely my
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