Why I Want To Play Football Essay

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When I was 6 years old my father told me that he wanted me to participate in sports and decided football was an excellent sport for my energetic personality. I was very excited, given the fact that I watched the lions on the television all of the time. One week later, we went to enrollment and picked up my gear. That day, I went home and played with the gear until it was dark outside. I knew right from the start that I was going to love playing football. After all, I played on that team for almost six years. The day was a nice sunny Saturday morning. My teammates and I were getting ready to play the Dearborn Pioneers, one of the best teams in Little League football. I was warming up because I was playing quarterback. We had thirteen minutes until the start of the game. My coach and I were talking step by step on how to execute the plays of the game. In no time at all, I heard the referee blow the whistle and we were ready to step on the field. Our captains (including myself) ran to midfield to participate in the coin toss. Our team would have to wait to receive the ball until halftime. I was shocked when I reached to shake the other team's hand and none of…show more content…
My teammates and I were on a nice drive. The score was now fifteen to twenty. We needed a good play. I scanned the defense and knew something that would knock them off balance. I grabbed the ball from the center and started walking to the sideline saying, “Coach, the ball is flat.” When the defense bit that part of the play I ran as fast as I possibly could down the field. It was a touchdown. Our moods were happy until I looked at the clock. There were only twenty seconds left. We had no timeouts and our self-confidence was slowly decreasing. The play was fourth down, for their offense, which means we needed to stop them in order to win the game. I ran to the sideline and asked my coach what play he wanted me to run. He said to me, with a stern, confident

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