Swot Analysis Of Rent A Car

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car For a business it is very important to find the best location. Making that decision can help you to get more customers and operate efficiently and gaining profit. The largest car rental company in UK and they tried to keep their personal feel of a small business. Managers of branches are given the control and freedom to do what they want to their branches and see to the need for their local area and operate upon it. In that perspective the company set its own values and standards comparing to other car rental companies that tries to get to the customers through their services. The employees provide the highest customer service because this is what their business stands on. Therefore to achieve that they have to set…show more content…
Other methods can be sued like the STEP and SWOT analysis to point what are the things that can affect the business. In Enterprise Rent –a-car SWOT analysis is chosen to highlight the things affecting their business. The Enterprise has strength points for being and keeping the feel of personal small business and the location of their branches need to be as close as possible to its customers. Transport and service infrastructure to meet the deadlines. Opening in home/city and airport locations can help business and individuals who need cars fast. Having strong visual brand to identify the location of the office. Speed with the need to be close to other resources if the customer needs it like parking spaces and garage. They also try to be environmentally friendly. But they have weaknesses that they need to keep in mind to improve or avoid in the future like the high land rental and environmental concerns. The need to mind the expenses of the branches and how to handle the costs there. The traffic jam or difficulty to access roads and slowness can create negative review from customers. As for the opportunities, opening in a new housing area may get new customers which will create new jobs in the new market. Setting their location in a crowded and close area may gain them new customers. If their location is better that will create profit and set them above their competitors. There are threats that risk the company success such as the competitiveness of the car rental market and if there are other Enterprises nearby which provide the same service. Importance of road safety requirement. The quality and attention given to customers by other competitors. All of this can affect the performance of the

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