Mermaid Lorelei: Short Story

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Awaking from a soothing slumber, Mariota slowly opened her eyes. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the sparkling blue hue that was above her, she was immediately hit with fear and confusion when she looked down at herself and saw that her long legs were replaced with a long blue mermaid tail. Mariota instantly sat up from the rock she had been laying on to check out her surroundings. All she saw was colorful coral reefs surrounding her, until she saw the top of a woman’s head who appeared to be peering at her from behind the reefs. Panicking, Mariota rapidly started backwards crab walking across the continental shelf, to get away from the woman. The woman rose from the continental slope to reveal her long, purple mermaid tail, and slowly swam…show more content…
I’ve always loved the ocean, the salinity and the waves… I never wanted to get out of the water”, Mariota said with a huge smile. “Well actually, that’s why I turned you into a mermaid.”, Lorelei expressed to Mariota. “How did you know I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid Lorelei.” “Since I’m the only mermaid, let alone the only speaking pelagic organism in the ocean, and everyone’s afraid of me, I always used to swim up close to shore and listen to the humans on boats conversations because I was so lonely. Every weekend I always heard you expressing how much you loved the ocean to your friends, and how they thought you were weird, so I figured…”, Lorelei said while looking down at the small polyps beneath her tail. Mariota said, finishing Lorelei’s sentence, “... and you figured that I would rather live down here and be friends with you instead of up there? Welp you’re correct, I would love to be friends with you Lorelei!” “Yay! You can tell me everything that goes on up there and I can tell you everything that goes down here!”, Lorelei said excitedly. “Wait, but can we discuss all of this over something to eat?”, Mariota asked as her stomach growled

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