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How did the Ancient Celtics keep track of time and what did they do? Back in the time of the Ancient Celts people’s survival depended on the cycle of the seasons and nature and there was great belief in ritual to keep those cycles going for healthy crops, cattle and pleasant weather. The cycle of the Celtic year was important to the people because it allowed them to be able to predict and prepare for the future by noticing changes in their environments and annual events. 1st slide To them time was viewed as a circular entity as opposed to the linear method of viewing it. The calendar that they used was called the Gallic Calendar and consisted of 13 months, with the 13th month added every two and a half years, and with a new month beginning…show more content…
The Celtics believed that “Dark silences bring whisperings of new beginnings which is why the Dark season began the year and why their days started at the dusk of the previous day. 3rd slide The main 8 Celtic festivals are divided into the Lunar festivals and the Solar festivals. The solar festivals relating to the equinoxes and the Solstices, while the lunar festivals began a new season in the Celtic year. These days were important because of the Celtics being polytheists and thought of the year as representation of the cycle of the gods. Samhain Samhain was the beginning of the Celtic year and signified the first day of winter. It is now associated with Halloween and All Saints Day. It holds its original lore that the veil between the mortal and spirit world became thin and it was possible for both mortal and spirit to cross into the other world. All fires were extinguished and relight from the one fire that was lit by the chief Druid. Families would light a torch and bring it back to their homes. Sa it marked the beginning of winter the cattle had to be brought in from the pastures and livestock were slaughtered to be eaten during the winter

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