High School Tennis Research Paper

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Saving money is difficult, especially for school systems. Reasons for cutting the budget are easily understood; however, the Gretna High School tennis program is valuable to the school for many reasons. I am a member of the varsity tennis team, and I strongly suggest the school board to make other arrangements in order to save money. The tennis program helps students stay in shape, create a bond with teammates, and excel academically. First, tennis is one of the best ways to stay in shape, especially for singles players. Physical conditioning for this sport has countless benefits. Hitting a tennis ball for several hours a day with some friends is a great way to stay fit, and it can also become extremely competitive. High school sports, such as tennis, provide an outlet for students to achieve competitive experiences.…show more content…
High school students want to fit in, so the tennis team is a great way to socialize with kids who share a love for the game. The Gretna tennis teams have proved to stand by one another year after year, and each person exemplifies the attitude of a hardworking individual who would do anything to keep the team motivated to achieve the goals for the future. By excluding the tennis program, the board is eliminating the close bond that the team devotes much of its time, and the high school students of Gretna that play tennis would not experience the opportunity to unify with a school team. Another valid reason to keep the tennis program includes the academic success that tennis allows. There are many benefits to the sport; it has been proven that tennis players have more optimism and self-esteem than others. This would help the students both inside and outside of school. Kids are also able to achieve better time management. Playing tennis on a team provides more of a structured schedule, as students are required to set aside time for practices and traveling to

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