Importance Of Women's Rights Essay

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Since the beginning of the civilized society, women's rights have always been a subject of endless arguments and debates. Being a woman in a so-called "man's world" has been conflicting and confusing as we continue to "progress" and "innovate" the world's standards and continue to challenge the norms and dogmas set for us. In the past, women were merely "tools" for bearing off-springs to continue the lineage of the man's blood and family name. Not being allowed to speak, to express nor to do work, women were confined to a room, figuratively chained and oppressed. From the earliest civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, and the Byzantines, women were not given any freedom nor rights, same as men's. This has continued longer than it's supposed to last. Women had suffered a great amount of sexual oppression and repression, domestic violence and social injustice. Then came the 1980s when the women of the world started to speak for the themselves. Women's Rights movements were created to fight for equal rights and justice. Along with the different protests and objections, Feminism started to empower more women around the globe. Pushing the boundaries and started moving to prove that there is more than being"just a woman" to the world, the society has slowly "accepted" femininity. But despite of all the progress that we have seen over…show more content…
Women are put into a pedestal to be glorified for their beauty but would be condemned for being too "self-absorbed." Women are taught to stand up for themselves, to express their oppositions to certain issues, but would be told to shut up for having a "stupid" and "irrelevant" opinion. Women are given the freedom for sexual expression but would be labeled as "sluts" and whores" for owning up to their sexuality. Women who fight for equal rights are called "Feminazis" comparing them to the most savage, brutal and vicious people in the history, seeing it as the same

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