Is There Nowhere Else We Can Meet And Burger's Daughter Analysis

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Both ‘Is There Nowhere Else We Can Meet?’ and ‘Burger’s Daughter’ contain topography. ‘Is There Nowhere Else We Can Meet?’ portrays the antithesis between the forest and the town, whilst ‘Burger’s Daughter’ addresses the antithesis between the small public square and the big strands. These topographical limits may or may not, which then will aid the element of surprise, change the character’s circumstances when crossed. ‘Is There Nowhere Else We Can Meet?’ depicts the tension between two people, which is caused by deep-rooted racism and a fear of the unknown. The white female protagonist encounters ‘a figure with something red on its head’ (p. 29, 13) in a pine forest. This forest is a topographical realm. Topography is the whole of reciprocal…show more content…
The white woman is no longer consumed by fear as she becomes aware of the social inequalities. She cannot find peace of mind as she recalls ‘his red eyes, the smell and [the] fissures’ (p. 30, 33). As she questions her hostile behavior, she asks herself: ‘What [does she] fight for? Why [doesn’t she] give him the money and let him go ?’ (p. 30, 33) She is not only bereft of her bag, a part of her is missing as well. She is no longer complete, but she has to live through this experience. Therefore, she ‘[goes] down the road slowly, like an invalid, [and starts] to pick the blackjacks from her stockings’ (p. 30, 36). In ‘Burger’s Daughter’ a young woman, Rosa Burger, enjoys a lunch in a public square. Whilst she watches the people around her, she notices different cultures and their customs. The ‘Indian girls secretively [eat] daintily with fingers’ (p. 31, 9) and ‘on the grass coloured girls [jeer, gossip, laugh and wave] chicken-bones’ (p. 31, 10). Likewise, she notices a man who is ‘in some inertia and immobility that is neither’ (p. 31, 30). After a while the man still does not move. Until a select group becomes aware of the fact that the man might not be alive

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