Normative Models Of Media

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The Galtung-McQuail's model of media system and Habermas public sphere model both combine to help us understand the way in which the State, market and civil society interact and how media serve as a mediator for this relationship. Firstly, an outline of the two models along values they assume with be given with reference to TVNZ in particular Seven Sharp, to give a real-life context to how these theories either meet the expectations or fail and explain why. A conclusion to make an argument to the extent the normative models of media fulfill the expectation set by the theories. Normative models of media pose the question of how the media ought to function in a demographic society and whose interest should they serve? (Kuehn). There are several…show more content…
This is the process that is becoming very familiar amongst commercial markets, in the attempt to commercialese everything they can (Kuehn). This is shown through the power they have to make people feel guilty for now buying their father something for 'Fathers Day'. This idea is reinforced throughout the media and is asserted by the capital market in order to gain an economic profit (Thompson, pp.102). This falls under the idea of a media spectacle. The main idea of the spectacle is that the idea that private markets have places an emphasis on commodity logic. Again, it refers to the idea that commodities have colonised social life. It is now part of everyday society that we associate a commodity with escaping from the real world known as "escapism". Mass media provides the tools and mediums to get reinforce this idea into the public sphere (Thompson,…show more content…
It is seen as a place where society and the state come together to form political opinions. Media provides the tools of transmission that is needed to form these opinions and allows them to be presented and debated (Kuehn). The relationship the public sphere creates between society and state is very similar as to the role of the media system in Gultang's model. This is because it gives the public a medium in which they can form an opinion and allows it to be seen and herd. An example of this in use is again through "Seven Sharpe", where they either interview the public or ask to vote in a poll. This help to gauge what society is thinking and what particular side the public is taking on the

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